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Teepee shelves

Teepee tent is a great place to play and a beautiful decoration. In our offer, you will also find other accessories that will make any child’s room cosy. For example, fanciful wooden shelves can make a great wall decoration. Teepee shelf perfectly matches our tents and other wall decorations. Thanks to them you can easily decorate your child’s room, make a bare wall more lively and lovely.

Teepee shelves made of lacquered MDF board are carefully and aesthetically crafted. It is not only a decoration but also a functional place for storing various children’s treasures. What is more, a teepee shaped shelf can decorate your living room, hall or bedroom – there are no rules. Its neutral colour and modern design will make it match every interior. The shape of the shelves makes it easy to place them on a table, chest of drawers or other surface.

In our offer you can also find house or cloud shelves. You can also choose from among different sizes and colours. It is all up to you and your preferences. A child’s room is a unique place and every parent wants to make it as comfortable and cosy as possible. When looking for inspirations for a girl's or boy's room it is worth to take a look at offers of various online shops as shopping in stationary stores can be tiring and time-consuming – and time is something very precious for burdened parents.

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