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Teepee tents for children

In our online store, you can find many exciting gift ideas for a child. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the wide assortment of Fun with Mum. We especially recommend our cozy tipi tents, which are available in many colors so that they can be adapted to any interior. Teepee will be a great place to play or relax, but also a design element of children's room equipment. It will look best in a set with a mat and decorative pillows. The children's tent is also light, which is its further advantage. So it can quickly be moved anywhere - in the summer even the garden or terrace. Tipi tent is suitable for children of almost all ages, both for girls and for boys. Children love different types of houses and hiding places, which is why we are sure that every child will like each other immediately.

Soft and colorful minky blankets

After the game, in moments of respite and rest, irreplaceable soft, pleasant to touch and colorful Minky blankets will be irreplaceable. Our blankets are made of original Minky fleece and a delicate, highest quality cotton, which allows the skin to breathe, providing adequate ventilation. They are 100% safe for children's health so that they will prove themselves from the first days of the newborn's life. They will gently wrap it in a cot, pram, cradle or a car seat, ensuring a good night's sleep. A baby blanket is not only a primary element of layettes for a baby, but also for a preschooler. A soft blanket can become an inseparable companion of a child, making pleasant naps in nursery or kindergarten. It will also be useful when watching cartoons, playing or traveling.

Cotton bedding sets for children

It is obvious that every parent should provide his toddler with the best possible conditions for sleep and rest. Whether the child is healthy, full of energy, has the will to play and learn depends, among others from whether it's sleepy. A comfortable and safe place to sleep plays a vital role here. Only how to create them? In addition to a cot and a comfortable mattress, you will need an appropriate bedding set. All the bed sheets we have created - both for babies and the elderly - are made of the highest quality cotton, one hundred percent safe, hygienic and pleasant to the touch. Toddler bedding from Fun with Mum also has a silicone filling, which is exceptionally soft and anti-allergic, allows the skin to breathe and does not cause any irritation. The best quality fabrics make duvets and panels easy to wash in the washing machine. After washing, they do not deform and retain their elegant appearance.

Accessories for mother and child

The first days of our children's life are the most crucial moment not only for them but also for happy, newly-baked parents. These moments will be even more pleasant in a pleasant environment. Our accessories for babies will create a beautiful corner for a child. A baby cot is a place where the newborn spends the most time, so we recommend not only our blankets and quilts, but also other cot accessories: cotton sheets, practical and aesthetic organizers and cot bumpers, or our soft and charming, cuddly mouse cushions. The cozy cones will be irreplaceable for the infant, which will delicately wrap the baby, providing him with warmth and security. Care for a small child is not only great happiness but also responsibility and a huge challenge, which is why we do not forget about moms. To make it easier for them to care for their baby we have created comfortable Dolphin-shaped feeding pillows - correctly profiled, soft and additionally beautifully made. Comfortable changing mats will help in the care of the child, especially outside the home. Motyl pillows will protect the child's head against impacts.

A functional and cozy children's room

With the arrival of a new member of the family there is also the question of the device of the children's room. A room for a child does not have to be infantile, to create opportunities for fun, relaxation and over time to learn. All you need to do is choose the right accessories that will be not only aesthetic but also practical. In addition to teepee tents, we also recommend universal play mats that are sure to be useful to every child during everyday games. A decorative pillow made of soft, elegant velvet in a fairytale shape is definitely "must have" every child's room. Arranging a child's room will become even more cozy thanks to colorful pom poms, garlands and dream catchers. The walls will also be decorated with wooden shelves in the shape of clouds, houses or tepee tents. We also recommend our designer lampshades and bedside lamps. Colorful baskets for toys will make it easier to organize the child's space and help teach the child to take care of the order. Check also our bed covers.


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