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Table Lamp

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Stylish Table lamp

A child's room should be as cosy and as lovely as possible. But did you know that to create such an atmosphere all you have to do is to select suitable accessories and decorate it? A table lamp plays an important role in this process, standing on a chest of drawers, a cupboard or a bedside table. We recommend for the lamp power for the child's room not to be too intensive. Once it gets dark, its diffused soft light will create a lovely atmosphere. 

A lamp for a child will add variety to the room's arrangement and will make the child feel much safer. It will also make falling asleep easier, so the child, instead of spending the night in its parents' bed, will gladly stay in its own cosy room. Lamps offered by Fun with Mum are also perfect for reading bedtime stories. There is nothing better to calm the child before going to sleep than a parent reading a bedtime story with their soothing voice. Remember that the light of the lamp should be strong enough so as not to cause risk of eye damage. 

Check our offer of designer table lamps if you want your child's room arrangement to be more attractive and atmospheric. It is worth noting that a vast majority of them matches every room so you also can find something for yourself. A lamp to stand on a chest of drawers, on a table, in the window... you decide what its place and function will be.

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