Top 5 gift ideas for a child

Top 5 gift ideas for a child

Children love to get presents and there are a lot of opportunities to do so – birthday, Children’s Day, family visit, Christmas… However, we often have a problem what to buy a few-year-old child that certainly has a room full of toys. We present 5 of our proven gift ideas, perfect both for a boy and for a girl.

When choosing a gift for a small child, you need to remember a few rules. It must be first of all matched to age and be safe for the health of the child. The perfect gift is one that will serve the child for a long time, will be universal, multi-functional, in addition to playing, it will also fulfill, for example, an educational or decorative function. It is also good to know your child’s preferences. The case is a bit simpler if we choose a gift for our own child but when we are looking for a present for our friend’s child and we do not know what fairytale character is its favorite one, it is better to avoid specific fairytale motifs and choose neutral and universal products.

Teepee tent

One of the best gift ideas is the teepee tent. It is perfect both for a boy and a girl. Children love to create ‘bases’, hiding places and play hide and seek. An Indian teepee tent will be a cozy, safe and comfortable place to play and will additionally influence on the child’s imagination and creativity. A toddler can play its favorite toys in it, play an Indian who leads a life full of adventures but also rest, take a nap or read a book. The teepee is also a great decoration for a child’s room. It makes the room more colorful, cozy and designer. It is also worth mentioning that the child’s tent is light, so you can move it to any place – even to a balcony, a terrace or to a garden. It works well during every season of the year. A wide selection of patterns and colors of teepee tent makes it easy to find the perfect model for every child.

Play mat

Another interesting gift idea is the universal Play & Go Fun Mat. Colorful, soft mat will be a very comfortable place to play and will certainly be useful to any child, regardless of its age. You can use it to play not only at home but also outside, such as in the garden or in the park. Its additional advantage is that the mat also fulfills a different role – thanks to the practical strings with cuffs, you can turn it into a bag of toys in the blink of an eye. The child will also learn to take care of the order in its room, hiding its toys after finishing the game in an easy way to one place.

A pillow with a unique shape

Colorful pillow with unconventional shape is a wonderful gift for a child because it will not only be used for resting but also for fun and as a room decoration. The original three-dimensional, velvet pillow will be a beautiful decoration of a child’s bed, it will give the interior a cozy atmosphere and at the same time a designer style. On you can find a lot of interesting patterns and shapes. For a little princess, it is recommended for example a charming Bunny, Doll or Unicorn pillow, which will turn your child’s bedroom into a magical land of fairytales. The store’s offer includes also many other pillows, suitable both for a girl and for a boy, for example in the shape of an elephant, deer, apple, pear, cloud or moon. All pillows are made of elegant, very pleasant to the touch velvet and have hand-embroidered eyes and mouth, which give them even more charm.

Soft Minky blanket

A soft, colorful toddler blanket is a must-have for every child. Ideally suited to naps in the nursery or preschool but also at home while playing, resting or watching cartoons. If you choose a slightly bigger blanket, then it will also work as a quilt or bed cover and will serve your child for a long time. Remember, however, that the blanket for a child must be made of the highest quality materials, in order to ensure the child a safe and sound sleep. An ideal option will be a blanket made of the original, soft Minky fleece, 100% cotton and fluffy, anti-allergic filling inside. The blanket can become an inseparable companion of a child which toddler will take everywhere. However, a child falls in love with its blanket only when it will be not only incredibly soft but also colorful. We recommend our two-sided blankets, which on both sides have a different color scheme so that the blanket does not get bored so quickly.

Colorful garlands, pompoms or dream catchers

All kinds of wall decorations make the child’s room much cozier. It is important that they are colorful and aesthetically made. A garland consisting of colorful, three-dimensional stars made of velvet that will be nice to touch will be a great gift for a child, especially for a junior, who is already starting to decorate its own room by itself, using its own creativity. A dream catcher – composed of a beautiful star, colorful ribbons, beads and pompoms – is also a very aesthetic decoration that will add charm and the magical atmosphere. The next option are beautiful pompoms. A set made of – for example – three colorful, tulle pompoms may turn out to be a hit already during the birthday party of a child, providing a unique setting and beautifully decorating the background of the photo session.

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