Colorful teepee tent for baby

                             PLAY ANYWHERE YOU WANT

              Play and Go Fun Mat

                              PICNIC MAT

               Ideal for beaches, forests or gardens


One of the leading products in our offer is the teepee tent available in different versions: single tipi, tipi with mat or tipi with mat and pillows. They are the perfect gift idea for every child. They contribute to the look of the entire room making it a dreamland for your child.

If we were to ask parents what their favorite way of playing was as children, then they would probably say “building a fortress”. This fun activity can be even more joyful and pleasant thanks to our tipi tents. It is worth playing this game as this is one of the most developing games. It is perfect for spending time alone and in a bigger group. It develops the child’s imagination to a high extent, while contributing to motor skills and emotional growth.

Tipi tents are also ideal for an afternoon rest, especially when combined with a mattress and pillow. You can spend time with your child in a tipi while reading your child’s favourite book.

We also recommend round mats for playing. They have been designed to be converted into a sack using the flexible strings. Thanks to the handles, they are perfect for transport of items. They are large and can hold many toys which means that your child can play whenever they want!

Accessories and pillows

Our offer also includes beautiful pillows that will not only be ideal for children’s room. They are made of top-quality materials. They come in attractive shapes (cloud, square, star) and they are finished with precision. They will be great with one of our tipis, but they can also be used in a crib or as a decoration for a rocking chair. They are available in many colours and styles that can be matched with the most fashionable children’s room interiors.

Our pillows are soft and made of fabrics that feel pleasant when touched. They can be used by our youngest customers as plush toys. They will also be ideal for older children not only in terms of decorating their room but also as a functional accessory, such as back support when sitting at a desk.

Our decorative pillows are the simplest methods for making an interior more beautiful and cosy. They will be great as a single item or in sets creating unique decorative compositions. The sets were made of top-quality cotton and hypoallergenic filling to ensure pleasure and comfort to their users.

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