Toddler pillow

A soft and aesthetically made pillow for a child is an irreplaceable element of a child's room equipment. The cushion will make the child's bed cozier and more colorful. However, it is useful not only at home but also in many other places and situations. It will make a long journey more pleasant and make a nap in a nursery or preschool will not be so terrible for a toddler.

The pillow is made of certified cotton on the one side and the Minky fleece on the other side, which in recent years has been a real bestseller when it comes to the production of children's textiles. However, be careful of "fakes" and choose only the original Minky fleece, which is extremely soft, flexible and very durable. All our cushions for children are sewn with the highest quality materials and with great care and attention to every detail. All of this to ensure a healthy and safe sleep for the child, which is very important during the development of a young person. Currently, more and more children suffer from allergies, that's why the pillows from Fun with Mum have an anti-allergic filling inside, which does not cause sensitization or irritation.

What else stands out our pillows for children? Certainly an aesthetic design and two-sided colors which facilitates a quick change of arrangement. You can also choose a stylish set - a pillow with a blanket - which will change the child's room and noticeably warm up its climate. We cordially invite you to take a look at our products!  

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