Toddler Blanket Set

How to decorate a bed for a girl so that she would feel like a princess in it? The answer is very simple - through cute, sweet, pink accessories. One of them is a soft Minky blanket. A blanket for a girl should be delicate, comfortable and aesthetically made. Even more beautiful will be a blanket with a pillow, which together create a unique set. Candy Star, Pretty Pink, Pink Dots - these are just some of the models created for little princesses. Of course, we also do not forget about boys! Daylight, Milky Way, Navy Sailor, Sea Breeze and many, many more. A huge number of patterns and colors will allow you to choose the perfect, warm blanket for the boy. All of our toddler blankets are made of high-quality materials: Minky fleece and 100% cotton. Inside, they have a fluffy, anti-allergic, health-safe filling. Therefore, our blankets provide heat and ventilation - the child's skin can breathe freely. The M-size children's blanket also works well outside the home: during traveling or in a preschool. It will provide a safe and restful sleep. The blanket will also be useful while resting or watching cartoons. It is so colorful and soft that it can replace the mascot, making it easier for your child to fall asleep.

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