Teepee tent + floor mat

Indian teepee for kids

Tipi Tent (Eng. teepee) is the perfect place to play for every child. Kids love to hide and seek; they like to create hideouts or bases. The tipi is an excellent solution for small adventurers. Kids can dress up as Indians and treat an Indian teepee as their home. A tent for children is also a great place to store toys, to learn, to read books, to rest. It is so large that it will also fit the parent who will be able to play with his child or read her fairy tales to sleep.

Choose an indian teepee for a boy or teepee for a girl and enjoy a long product quality

Tipi will work for children of all ages, both for girls and for boys. By buying your child's tent, you can be sure that it will serve him some excellent years. By choosing a tipi tent with a mat, you will provide the child with a soft and comfortable place to play. The tent will be able to stand not only on the carpet but also on the floor or outside - on the terrace or in the garden. The child will be able to sit comfortably in it or lie down. The children's tent is light so that it can be freely moved to any place.

The wigwam is also a beautiful decoration of any interior. Standing in a children's room or living room, it will add coziness and a unique atmosphere. No matter what style your apartment is decorated, at f.nunwithmum.com you will surely find a matching teepee. Being a fan of minimalist interiors, you can choose a tent in a neutral color. If you want to revive the interior and give it an attractive accent, put on a teepee in more bright colors. Together with your child, choose the model that best meets your expectations.

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