Cloud shelf The walls in the child's room should not be empty. So how to decorate them, to make them more positive and cozier? There are many ways. We can hang colorful garlands, pompoms, pictures or photos. Another interesting idea to decorate the walls in your child's  room are wooden shelves. Fun with Mum offers aesthetically made shelves in several shapes and sizes. An interesting option are shelves in the shape of clouds, available in four colors. You can use one cloud shelf, or hang a few next to each other and voilà! A beautiful arrangement of children's room is ready. :) The cloud shelf hung on the wall will add to its charm and unique atmosphere. If you have other accessories to choose from, for example, a cloud pillow or a white lampshade, the children's room will have a consistent, stylish look. What is important, shelves are not only a decorative element but also a functional one. The child can put a favorite toy on it - a mascot, a doll, a toy car, or a different colored accessory that fits in with the atmosphere of the whole interior. Our decorative shelves are made of lacquered MDF board, they are light but at the same time solid. MDF shelves are products that are fully friendly to human health. Their bright pastel colors mean that they can be not only great furnishings for a children's room but also a living room. Unconventional shapes of wooden shelves will appeal to household members, as well as effectively attract your guests' eyes. If the cloud shelf does not fit your taste, check other shapes. You can also choose in sizes and colors. Without unnecessary haste, review our offer and choose the ideal model for yourself or for your child.

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