Pompom 15 cm

Colorful decorative pompoms are recently a must-have in a child's room. They will give it a charming, cozy and fairy-tale atmosphere. They will liven up the empty wall, decorate the window or teepee tent. They also will be useful during children's photo sessions and during birthday parties or baby shower parties.

A wonderful decoration not only for a child's room

Interestingly, pompoms are the universal decorative element - they are not an ornament only for children. They can also be decorations of rooms where various types of parties are held, eg weddings. Fluffy balls provide a romantic atmosphere and a unique scenery. Our pompoms are made of high-quality stiff tulle. They do not deform and retain their elegant appearance for a long time. They look best in sets consisting of several pompons of various sizes. Remember to choose the correct size. If we want to create a decoration, eg from three balls, we should not put together a pompom 10 cm size with a pompon 30 cm, because this arrangement will not look attractive. Complete your set by choosing your favorite colors and the right sizes. Also, remember that tulle balls in the colors of the rainbow are an ornament that will enliven the room while adding lightness and subtlety.

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