Pom pom 10 cm 

Do you want to cheer up and enliven your child's room with colorful accessories? We have a perfect decorative element for you - colorful pompoms. Pompons are fluffy, tulle balls that give every interior a cozy, charming character. They look great hanging in a window, in a corner of a wall or on a teepee tent, creating a magical atmosphere in the room.

A fairytale arrangement of a child's room

A single pompom can be used for decoration but we recommend to create a set consisting of several pompoms in different sizes and colors. Already two or three pompoms in matching colors can completely change the child's space. This decoration can also be used during photo sessions and various types of children's parties. Fun with Mum offers pompoms in four sizes and in many colors. Pompons are made in a very careful way from stiff tulle, which ensures an elegant appearance and prevents deformation. The colors of the pompoms match to the collection of our teepee tents and other accessories, thanks to which you can easily create a beautiful arrangement of a child's room. We invite you to take a look at our offer!

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