Play & Go Fun Mat

One of the basic accessories that every parent should buy for their child is a play mat. It works well for children of almost any age - from an infant to a child of several years. The mat can be used as a sensory toy - you can comfortably put on your baby that could watch the surrounding world. Later, the soft mat will create a safe space for the child and provide a comfortable place to play and rest.

A play mat and a bag for toys - a functional two in one

The Play & Go Fun mat is perfect for older children, as it is a play mat and also a bag for toys. It has practical strings with welts, as well as wide, comfortable handles. Being a bag for toys, it will allow you to maintain order in the child's room - after finished playing, mascots, dolls and cars will quickly find themselves in one place. Finally, you can forget about the toys scattered around the room. This solution will please not only children but certainly all mothers.

It is worth remembering that the mat for children should be made of a suitable material, which is primarily to be pleasant to the touch. Inside, there should be a thin layer of soft filling; then it will be safe and comfortable to use. Fun with Mum has in its assortment several mats with different design and color options. Choose the one that best meets your expectations.

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