Picnic Mat

Fun in the garden, on the beach or in the park, picnics, bike trips - children love these and other forms of spending free time in the open air. When going outside, you always have to take some things with you so that the trip is one hundred percent successful. What exactly should we take? It depends on where exactly we are going and for how long. A universal item that will certainly be necessary during a trip with children is a picnic mat. This practical "gadget" will make time spend with the family more enjoyable, for example on holidays by the sea. It will not only be perfect for resting and lying on the beach, but also for fun, playing cards or board games. You can also put it on the grass or any other place. The bottom of our practical picnic mat is made of a thick, waterproof material, ensuring comfort during use. Inside, there is a soft, antiallergic filling, while the top layer is made of soft, high-quality cotton. Their colors and design harmonize perfectly with the rest of our products. The travel mat will be irreplaceable in many situations, not only during trips but also during everyday games in the garden. On colder days it can also be used at home as a comfortable play mat. Children will like it for the softness and aesthetic look, while parents will appreciate its functionality and versatility. Picnic mats from Fun with Mum are not only mats for children but really for the whole family.

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