Mouse Pillow

Cuddly Mouse Pillow

The ideal pillow for a little baby should be, first of all, flat and made of high quality, certified materials. If you want the pillow for your child to be useful for a long time, and not just for a few weeks or months, choose the "Mouse" cuddly pillow. The unique mouse-shaped pillow is our original design created to provide the child the highest comfort. It is distinguished not only by its softness and comfort during use but also by its remarkable aesthetics. So it is not only a pillow but also a soft toy, which can become an inseparable companion during everyday games.

The pillow was made of two materials - 100%, patterned cotton and unearthly soft, original Minky fleece. "Mouse" will also support the development of a small child. Its original shape, large, soft ears and twisted, stretching tail will encourage a baby to grab them and play. Total safety and comfort are ensured by its anti-allergic filling. Interesting colors and design of our pillows make the crib much more cozy and colorful. Among the many designs you will find for example dots, stars, stripes and zig-zag patterns, suitable both for boys and girls.

The "Mouse" pillow is a universal product that will be useful not only for the baby but also for the older child. It may turn out to be a perfect gift for a baby shower or birthday. Get acquainted with our offer and choose the perfect pillow for your little child.    

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