Kids Blanket Set

Children love everything that's colorful, soft and pleasant to touch. These are the characteristic features of our children blankets. A Minky blanket is an element that can not be missing in a layette for every preschooler. During naps and rest, gently embrace, will provide warmth and comfort to your child. A blanket with a pillow will be even better. This set is not only practical and comfortable to use but will also be a beautiful decoration of a child's room. Both the pillow and the blanket are made of two different fabrics - one side from the original Minky fleece and the other from cotton. The highest quality materials and antiallergic filling ensure pleasant warmth and allow the skin to breathe. The blanket for a preschooler is very universal, it will not only work in a preschool but also for example during traveling. At home it will decorate the child's bed wonderfully, making it much cozier. It can also be used as a quilt, and for a smaller child, bed covers. The Minky blanket will be functional during relaxation, play or watching cartoons. In the offer of Fun with Mum you will find a blanket for a girl which will make the bed of a small princess charming and cozy, and a blanket for a boy which will wrap and guarantee safety and comfort in every situation. Our blankets with pillows were created for the safety and comfort of each child, that is, what every parent wants to provide their kids. In addition, our sets are very stylish and made with the utmost care. We cordially invite you to take a look at our offer!

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