Junior Quilt

A quilt is a basic element of every child's room. It should be soft, warm and at the same time breathable so that the child's skin can breathe. The material it is made of largely testifies to its quality and functionality. When buying a duvet for a child, it is necessary to think carefully about what properties should be used to ensure a comfortable, healthy and safe sleep for your child.

Both the quilt for a girl and a quilt for a boy should be made of high-quality fabrics, preferably of 100% cotton. A duvet for a child should also have the appropriate size adapted to the needs and ages of your child. The size L duvet is ideally suited not only for a children's bed but also during naps in preschool. What should be the ideal quilt for a preschooler? First of all, it should be soft, solid and easy to clean.

You can buy a quilt separately or in a set with a pillow, which together will create a beautiful bedding set. Fun with Mum offers children's bedding with a sewn-in inside. Our children's beddings are high-quality products, so you can wash them in the washing machine without worries - they will not change their shape. A wide range of designs and colors will easily allow you to find bedding for the boy and bedding for the girl.  

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