Junior Pillow 

A soft blanket and a comfortable pillow are two elements that will surely be useful for every preschooler. They ensure safety during a nap in the kindergarten, make every journey easier, will be useful during holidays and during the rest at home. You can buy them together in a unique set, or choose only one element. If you are looking for a comfortable pillow for your child, remember that it should be flat and made of the highest quality, pleasant to the touch fabrics.

A colorful, soft junior pillow is made of the Minky fleece. This material will win the sympathy of your little owner, all because of its soft and nice covering. No wonder that the Minky fleece is loved so much by children and their parents. The elegant look of our pillows is complemented by patterned, natural cotton, which is flexible and also pleasant to the touch.

A pillow for a preschool child is first of all comfortable and safe during rest, therefore it should allow the skin to breathe, be antiallergic and not cause any irritation. Ideally, if it is also a beautiful decoration of the bed and child's room. Children's pillows available in the Fun with Mum online shop have a different color on both sides, so your child can easily change the look of his own bed.

A pillow can be a great gift idea for your child. Instead of buying another toy, a doll or a mascot, it is worth choosing something equally nice but more functional, that will serve the child for a long time. Additionally, the soft pillow can become an inseparable "companion" of your child and be its beloved cuddly toy.

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