Junior Bedding Set 

A bed, toys, colorful decorations, a favorite blanket, a table lamp - what else do we need in a child's room? Of course, children bedding. A bedding for a child is a basic element of every child's room. Fun with Mum offers beddings with anti-allergic filling, fully safe for every toddler. It is very soft, comfortable and functional. High-quality materials and solid workmanship guarantee long use of the product. A bedding for a child often gets dirty but it is not a problem. It can be washed cleanly in its entirety and after washing it will keep its original shape. Both the pillow and the quilt for a child significantly affect the quality of sleep. If you want your child to sleep more willingly in its bed and in the morning wake up sleepy and rested, choose bedding with caution, paying attention to every detail. The cotton quilt is pleasant to touch, does not cause sensitization, provides warmth and the skin can breathe freely under it. Duvet cover as well as the type of filling are among the basic criteria. The child's health is the most important, so it is not worth saving by choosing cheaper inferior materials. Size is also an important issue. A size L duvet is an ideal quilt for preschoolers.

A quilt for a girl or a quilt for a boy? Find the perfect model and order today

Our quilts for children are not only functional but also beautifully made. Sets with pillows aesthetically decorate the child's bed and make it cozier and more colorful. In the shop's offer, you will find bedding designed specifically for girls, for boys, as well as universal sets. Check what patterns and colors we have prepared for our small customers. Have a look at our assortment and choose the perfect bedding for your little child.

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