Junior bed pillow

Textiles in a child's room play a very significant role. They warm up the climate of a child's interior, add coziness and individual character. We should remember that textiles are not only curtains or carpets, but also blankets and bedding sets. Soft and pleasant to the touch child's bedding with filling is a functional and aesthetic element. A colorful and elegant set will make the child's bed, as well as the entire arrangement of the room, extremely eye-catching. The bedding is not only a quilt but also a comfortable pillow that can decorate the interior and provide the child a comfortable sleep. Pillows from Fun with Mum surprise with a wealth of designs and colors. Their additional advantage is that they have a different color on both sides, which definitely facilitates a quick change of the arrangement look. In our online shop you can choose the pillow only, or the pillow in a set with a quilt. The second option is more advantageous for many people because the stylish, consistent set looks even more attractive.

A child's pillow should, of course, be aesthetically made, but our requirements do not end there. Even more important than the visual appearance is its type of filling and covering material. Certified, 100% soft cotton and breathable, antiallergic, silicone filling make the product completely safe for your child - it does not cause any allergies or irritation. Comfortable, high-quality pillows ensure a healthy sleep and make the child waking up rested and refreshed.

Do not forget that the child's pillow should also be flat, suitably soft and not too big, because it must ensure a stable and natural body position, so as not to contribute to postural defects. As you can see, buying a pillow should be well thought out. Maybe in the first months of life it is not so essential element, but later it is necessary to provide the child with a comfortable pillow to ensure a peaceful, safe and sound sleep.

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