Garland Velvet

Are you looking for decorative elements to your child's room that will revive the child's interior and give it coziness? We have the perfect solution for you - colorful garlands. Fun with Mum online store offers as many as three types of garlands, which can be found in many different colors. We are sure that every parent will choose something for their child here. One of the options are elegant velvet garlands, consisting of nine differently colored triangles. Each garland in this collection has a stylish trimming in gold or silver, which definitely enhances its appearance, adding style and unique look. A set of triangles is also enriched by crazy, colorful pompons that will cheer up the child's room. Garlands are ideally suited primarily as wall decorations - we do not want the walls in the child's room to be empty and sad. However, this is not the end of their use. They can also be used to decorate the window or child's bed. They also look beautiful hanging on our teepee tents. Tasteful velvet and gold or silver accessories make the arrangement of a child's room more stylish and cozy. Our garlands made of soft velvet will beautifully decorate not only a girl's room but also a room for a boy. Moreover, they can occasionally be used as a decoration for photo sessions or birthday parties. If you want to make your child's room more attractive, we invite you to take a look at our offer.

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