Garland stars 

Colorful garlands are an irreplaceable decorative element in a child's room. Hanging on the wall or in the window will effectively enliven and cheer up the whole room. Besides standard garlands consisting of triangles, we also have stars garlands in our offer. A set of nine differently colored, velvet stars will perfectly decorate both a girl's room and a boy's room. Garlands are usually wall decorations - we can decorate them an empty wall, but also a child's cot or teepee tent. Star-shaped garlands will enrich the arrangement of a child's room, add the interior a unique charm. The stylish velvet will also add an elegant character. The garland can also be a beautiful decoration of photo sessions or various types of parties. So if you are preparing a birthday party for your child, it is worth to buy this type of decoration. Stars garlands stand out from other decorations. They are three-dimensional, and inside there is a soft, fluffy silicone filling. A wide range of colors allows everyone to choose something for themselves. If you want to create a cozy, nice decor in your toddler's room, check out our products. You do not have to waste your valuable time running around the shops. Everything you need for your child is in one place that you can visit without leaving your home. Have a look at our offer!

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