Pillows - Fruits

Fruits velvet pillows A room for a child should be as cozy and colorful as possible. A child should feel safe and special in it. So what decorative additions should you choose to enrich a child's room decor? The answer is very simple - soft, colorful decorative pillows in original shapes. Fun with Mum offers, among others things, velvet pillows in the shape of a sweet fruit. These pillows will be perfect for decorating a child's bed which will become cozy so that your child will finally want to sleep in its own bed. Pear pillow or Apple pillow with golden or silver elements and hand-embroidered eyes and face are very charming, and their appearance will delight not only children but also adults. A wide selection of colors will allow you to choose a decorative pillow for any interior. You can combine it with other pillows, eg cotton or eco-leather star, then the arrangement of your child's room will become even more designer. Our decorative pillows are made of a very pleasant to the touch velvet. Caring for every smallest detail ensures the highest quality of the product. We encourage you to get acquainted with our offer. On funwithmum.com you will find many gift ideas for your little child.

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