Fairytale velvet pillows Stylish decorative pillows are the best way to quickly and easily change the arrangement of a child's room. Decorative pillows with interesting and original designs will effectively change the child's room, adding a cozy atmosphere and a modern look. Fun with Mum has a lot of decorative pillows in various shapes and colors. The most popular are velvet pillows with three-dimensional and uncommon shapes. One of the proposals are fairytale pillows, which are our own project. Unicorn pillow and Doll pillow for a little princess Both the Unicorn pillow and the Doll pillow delight with their extremely charming look and high quality. Pillows have hand-embroidered eyes and mouth that give them even more charm. Colorful velvet pillows will transform a girl's room into a magical land. They will make the ordinary child's room look like a land of fairy tales and the child will feel wonderful and special in it. Thanks to our decorative pillows, the arrangement of the child's room will become cozy and extremely pleasant to the eye. "Fairytale pillow" will look great in a bed or in a teepee tent. Thanks to the gold or silver elements made of eco-leather, it will also add an elegant character to the interior. Decorative pillows are now an interior design hit - any child's room can do without them. Are you looking for an interesting gift for a child? Choose a decorative velvet pillow! It will not only be a decorative element but also a soft toy - it can become your child's favorite cuddly. As we know, unicorns and dolls are adored by girls, that is why pillows from the "Fairytale" category will be an ideal proposition for little princesses.

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