Dream catcher

Perfectly chosen small decorative accessories in the child's room can create a very eye-catching arrangement. What decorations should be chosen so that the room will be cozy, beautiful and arousal positive emotions? An important role is played here by colorful wall decorations, which will make the white walls cease to be boring and monotonous. By decorating the walls in the child's room, you can use your fantasy. It is a space that should be as colorful and magical as a fairy-tale kingdom.

A child's room will be much more charming and stylish thanks to such additions as dream catchers. This decoration looks beautiful not only on the wall but also on a teepee tent or in a window. The best way is to hang it over a child's bed, because according to the Indian tribes, the dream catcher - as the name suggests - "catches" good dreams, and keeps nightmares away. This decorative element will bring some magic and positive energy to the child's bedroom. 😊 It may also encourage the child to sleep in his own bed, making the night "monsters" finally don't be so terrible.

Nevertheless, whether you believe in witchcraft or not, our dream catchers will gain your sympathy through their aesthetic and charming look. The star made of soft velvet, pastel shades, color-matched ribbons, pompoms and gold or silver elements - all this creates an exceptionally beautiful decoration, enriching the arrangement of the child's room.  

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