Butterfly Pillow

Butterfly pillow

Traveling with a small child can often seem quite bothersome. Especially novice parents are afraid of taking their baby for the first time on a long trip by car. Contrary to appearances, it does not have to be a nuisance. It is worth to buy various accessories that will make the journey more pleasant both for parents and for little ones.

In the event that our child would be bored with a journey, it is necessary to have its favorite toys, such as a beloved cuddly. A useful gadget is also the Butterfly pillow. The butterfly-shaped travel pillow is perfectly contoured and soft, so it perfectly adapts to the child's head. It is an anti-shock pillow that protects the head against impacts during the journey. Thanks to it, traveling by car will be much more pleasant and calm for your baby. A travel pillow fits perfectly into car seats, but also pushchairs and gondolas. It will also be useful when changing the baby, napping or playing.

The Butterfly pillow on one side is made of the highest quality cotton and on the other side of the original Minky fleece. The polar Minky makes the baby pillow comfortable, unearthly soft and cuddly for the delicate skin of the baby. Inside it has a fluffy, antiallergic filling. The pillows were made very carefully to meet the expectations of parents and their small children. Their interesting shape and colorful look attract the attention of our youngest customers. Do you want to give your child a practical gift? Check out our proposals of anti-shock, travel Butterfly pillows.

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