Breasfeeding Pillow - Dolphin

Breastfeeding pillow - Dolphin

All of our products are created with care for our the youngest customers. However, we do not forget about their parents. If as a mom you breastfeed your baby, the breastfeeding Dolphin pillow can be a great solution. The dolphin-shaped pillow is ideally contoured so that it provides both mother and baby maximum comfort during feeding. The Dolphin pillow is universal and will be useful long after you stop breastfeeding. It works well as a decoration element of a baby cot or as a cuddly toy for a child. The child will certainly love its "Dolphin" not only for its charming look but also for the type of material it is made of. The cuddly Minky fleece will make the baby happy to hug it. The pillow has patterned elements made of high-quality cotton. A Dolphin pillow can become a child's favorite mascot, helping him fall asleep and accompanying him during everyday activities, in a preschool or while traveling. The product is extremely safe for every child. It has completely non-allergic, silicone filling. It works well as a soft toy even for a small allergy sufferer. A wide selection of colors of our breastfeeding pillows makes sure that everyone will find a color version for themselves. The Dolphin pillow is part of a baby's layette that significantly simplifies the life of every mother during the first months of her child's life. It facilitates feeding outside the home, provides comfort and safety. It can also be a great gift idea for a baby shower.

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