Crib sheet - size S

When preparing a room for your baby or a baby corner in the parents' bedroom, a basic element is definitely a baby cot with a comfortable mattress. When we already have a crib and a mattress, the next thing that we have to buy is a baby bedsheet. The bedsheet for a baby has to be first and foremost comfortable and safe for your baby. It should be pleasant to the touch, hypoallergenic and made of natural material. 100% cotton is a high-quality material, pleasantly soft, hygienic and flexible. So it is a hit when it comes to manufacturing of children's accessories. Our sheets are comfortable to use both for baby and it's mum. They have a sewn-in elastic, which prevents curling of the material and also facilitate the quick change of the sheet. Rich colors and interesting design allow you to choose a product both for a boy and a girl. A stylish bedsheet is also a beautiful decoration for a baby cot. If you decide to match it with consistent accessories such as bedding set, baby bed bumper or organizer, the baby bed will become beautiful and really cozy. The aesthetic bedsheet is an essential element of a layette for a baby. We know that going shopping for pregnant women is not comfortable, and young mums do not have enough time for that, so we encourage you to do online shopping. Fun with Mum apart from bedsheets offers a lot of other articles for small children, among which certainly every parent will find something worth attention.

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