Bed sheet - size M

No baby bed can go without a comfortable mattress and sheet. A baby spends most of its time in the crib during the first months of its life. That is why it is so important to equip them with the necessary accessories. The child's bedsheet should be safe for a child and comfortable during use. Young moms sometimes falling into the shopping spree and watching colorful, "sweet" child accessories, are guided by the most visual aspects, and forget about the most important things - comfort and functionality. What properties should an ideal bed sheet have? First of all, it should be made of a material adapted to the delicate skin of the infant. The best fabric will be a natural cotton, pleasantly soft, nice to the touch, non-irritating, breathable and elastic. Remember that a special bedsheet for a child also contains sewn-in elastic, thanks to which the material adheres exactly to the mattress and does not curl. The product will be comfortable for every child. Of course, we also have aesthetic reasons in mind - we offer sheets in various colors and designs. Classic motifs make every parent find something for themselves, and a child's room will become stylish, modern and cozy at the same time. Choosing a bedsheet, beautiful bedding and other accessories, you will create a unique arrangement and make a child's bed more charming. Furthermore, your child will have a sweet, peaceful sleep.

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