Baby towel

Every day, as a parent, you do a lot of activities for your little child - feeding, changing, falling asleep - these are just some of them. You can not forget about bathing your child. After leaving the bathtub, your baby can easily catch a cold, so remember to wrap it with a nice towel to absorb excess water and provide a pleasant warmth. When the child is already clean and completely dry, we can pat some cream into its skin, put on a pampers and prepare to sleep.

No layette for a newborn is complete without a baby towel. The baby towel is slightly different from other towels intended for adults. It should be made of the highest quality materials, safe for the extremely delicate skin of the child. The baby towel should be made of terry cotton, nice to touch and very absorbent. A towel for a baby must also have a special cap, sewn in one of the corners. A soft towel with a hood makes the first baths more pleasant, provides comfort and protects the head against getting cold. The size of the towel is also important - it should not be too small because it has to cover the entire surface of the body.

Our practical children's towels are made with the utmost care and preserved aesthetics. Just like our other products, they are maintained in a consistent style that allows you to complete the entire layette for your baby. Baby towels from Fun with Mum are entirely white, but the caps are trimmed with a colorful cotton and the edges are finished with an elegant trimming that gives a unique look. Browse our assortment, where you can easily find both a towel for a girl and a towel for a boy.

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