Baby quilt

A baby cot is a place where the baby spends the most time, so it is important not to forget about equipping it with the necessary accessories. One of them is, of course, a quilt. A baby quilt is supposed to gently wrap the little one and guarantee him a warm and peaceful sleep. Each parent should provide his child with a safe and comfortable place to sleep, so you must pay attention to the quilt cover material and the type of filling.

Check out the Fun with Mum offer and choose the perfect quilt for your child

In Fun with Mum online shop, we take particular care of the safety and health of our youngest customers. All products are made with the utmost care and attention to every detail. Children's quilts are made of soft 100% cotton, and inside there is an antiallergic, fluffy filling, providing heat and ventilation.

You can also choose a set - a quilt with a pillow, then your child's cot will be even more cozy and charming. Our children's bedding with a soft filling is not only safe for health, but also aesthetically made, so it is also a beautiful decoration. A wide selection of colors and patterns allows parents to choose both beddings for a girl and for a boy.

Cloudy Rose is a perfect quilt for a girl, Marine Climate - for a boy, the universal option will be Bright Beige. There are even more proposals. Check our offer and quickly and easily select a bedding for your child without leaving home.

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