Baby Blanket Set 

A soft baby blanket is one of the absolutely necessary element of every layette for a newborn baby. If as a future parent you are wondering what kind of blanket will work best for your baby, you must check our offer. You will find here the perfect blanket for a newborn - small, cozy, pleasant to the touch, with high-quality materials. A great option is a set - a blanket with a pillow that will look beautiful in a child's bed. The first blanket for your baby should be completely safe for health and comfortable to use. Original minky fleece and 100% cotton are excellent, pleasant to the touch materials that provide warmth. Fluffy, anti-allergic filling will provide ventilation, the skin of a small child will be able to breathe freely, and you will not worry that your toddler will wake up crying all the heat. The blanket with the pillow will be an elegant and practical set. As for the pillow, it should be made of high-quality materials just like a blanket. Do not forget that the cushion for a newborn should be flat. In our offer, you will find a sweet blanket for a girl who will completely change the interior of a baby cot and make it look like a sleeping place for a little princess. You will also find a beautiful blanket for a boy who gently wraps his baby in every situation. The Minky blanket, if it is the right size, will be perfect not only when sleeping in a cot, but also in a pram, cradle or in a car seat. Check out our baby blankets and choose the best one for your child.

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