Crib bumper

A basic piece of furniture that is found in every child's room is, of course, a bed. A baby cot is a place where the baby spends a lot of time. When the baby starts to be active, it is necessary to secure the hard rungs of the bed, so that the child does not put the hands or legs between the rungs and does not hit the head and not be exposed to injuries. The baby bed bumper will provide safety and comfort. Every mum will be calm of her baby because it will not cause itself any harm. The bed bumper has also other functions - it protects against cool, makes the bed cozier, nice and very aesthetic. It is a beautiful decorative element of any interior. It can make the arrangement of a child's room much more interesting and unique. Baby bed bumpers from Fun with Mum are beautifully decorated, uniquely quilted, created with passion, extraordinary care and attention to every detail. Their different colors on both sides allow you to quickly change the look of the interior. If you decide to choose a bed organizer and a bedding set in the same color version, the whole will create a very attractive arrangement. Each of our baby bed bumpers is made of the highest quality fabric. 100% cotton and antiallergic, a soft filling is the guarantee of the highest safety for your child. The bed bumper will surely make the child spend nicer time in the bed, please every eye and give parents peace of mind.

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