How to choose a good blanket for a baby?

How to choose a good blanket for a baby?

A soft, lightweight blanket is the perfect cover for your baby. It works in many situations – not only during sleep but also in a stroller while walking or traveling in a car seat. But how to choose the perfect, 100% safe baby blanket?

A baby blanket is a basic element of every layette for a baby but its purchase should be carefully thought out. Aesthetic appearance is very crucial but not the most important. The basic criterion for selection is the material it is made of and next its size.

Delicate and pleasant to the touch material

Blanket for a baby should be made of the highest quality fabrics, safe for the delicate skin of a baby. The best solution is extremely pleasant to touch, original Minky fleece, as well as delicate, hypoallergenic, certified cotton. These two materials together form the perfect combination. The filling of the blanket should be antiallergic, providing heat and proper ventilation. A warm baby blanket made on the one side of Minky fleece and on the other of 100% cotton can easily serve as a quilt.

Blanket for a baby must be as comfortable and safe as possible, that is why the high quality of fabrics is so important. The infant has very delicate skin, susceptible to various types of irritation. Avoid materials that can cause allergies and do not allow the skin to breathe and cause the child to wake up at night when being heated. Let’s also remember that the blanket after a few washes should not lose its softness and original shape.

A small size of a blanket

Another important issue that we must consider when choosing a blanket is its size. The baby blanket cannot be too big or too heavy. Baby blanket with dimensions of 65×75 cm will be very universal because it will not only work in the crib. Its small size will make it comfortable to use in a stroller, cradle or baby carrier because it will not take up too much space. It will be irreplaceable from the first days of the newborn’s life, wrapping it gently and allowing free movements of hands and feet. If we want the blanket will be used a bit longer, we can choose the size 75x100cm. This blanket will allow you to cover the baby in the crib even more accurately, and later it will be also useful when the child grows up.

Finally, it’s time to choose the color and pattern. All blankets from Fun with Mum, thanks to the aesthetic design and consistent colors, are very visually appealing. Stars, clouds, stripes, dots, hearts, zig zag pattern – there are many options. The wide assortment makes every parent find something suitable for his child – both for a boy and for a girl.

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