Teepee tents and playtime

gift for a child

Top 5 gift ideas for a child

Children love to get presents and there are a lot of opportunities to do so – birthday, Children’s Day, family visit, Christmas… However, we often have a problem what to buy a few-year-old child that certainly has a room full of toys. We present 5 of our pr ...

teepee tent

Teepee in a girl’s room

The room for a girl is best arranged with colorful decorative accessories. A great element of furnishing a girl’s space is a teepee tent which fulfills not only decorative but also a practical function. We advise you which teepee tent will be best for a little princess ...

teepee for a boy

Teepee tent for a boy

A teepee is a perfect place to play and rest for each child. Boys love to create hiding places, bases, shelters or play Indians. A teepee tent is, therefore, an ideal element of every boy’s room. Which tent to choose for a small Indian? We are certain that almost all o ...

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