A baby sleeping bag – which one should you choose for your baby?

A baby sleeping bag – which one should you choose for your baby?

A baby sleeping bag is an indispensable element of a layette for a newborn baby. It will be irreplaceable during the first months of a baby’s life. Perfectly wrap the baby, provide warmth, security and help it to adapt to the new reality. We suggest what to look for when choosing a baby sleeping bag.

A comfortable sleeping bag is an ideal cover for a newborn baby, which will be useful from the first days of baby’s life. The newborn tightly wrapped in a cozy sleeping bag feels just like in its mum’s belly – it feels warmth, closeness, comfort and safety.

Type of the fabric

The baby sleeping bag should be made of high-quality materials, 100% safe for the delicate, sensitive skin of the newborn baby. The ideal solution is airy, delicate, soft cotton, which does not irritate or sensitize. The Minky fleece is also very popular, extremely pleasant and soft to the touch. The best option will be double-sided cones – on the one side made of natural cotton, and on the other of the original Minky. The Fun of Mum swaddle sleeping bags have also a fluffy, anti-allergy and breathable filling that provides the right temperature. Such a sleeping bag is multi-functional – it can be also used as a blanket, quilt or even a play mat.

The size and thickness of the sleeping bag

The most practical size of a baby sleeping bag is 75×75 cm. There are also 100×100 cm cones on the market but those one of a smaller size are definitely more functional for small babies. They also work well as a quilt for a trolley. The baby sleeping bag should not be too thick or too thin. It should be ensured that the child is not cold, but it cannot be too warm, either. The mentioned type of fabric and filling play a key role. Our sleeping bags will be useful both at home and during walks or travels. Thanks to the fact that they are sewn from two sides of various fabrics, we can freely choose which fabric will be on the inside and which on the outside of the sleeping bag. In spring and summer, and when the temperature is higher, we recommend using the cotton as the inside layer.

Type of clasp

There are three types of fasteners to choose from: Velcro, snap fasteners and tied with a ribbon. The best option is Velcro fastening, which is not only quick and easy but also gives us the possibility to regulate the width. The snaps and strings are more time-consuming and less practical.

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