Which quilt should you choose for your baby?

Which quilt should you choose for your baby?

A baby quilt is an important element of a baby’s layette. We should choose such a quilt that will ensure healthy, safe and comfortable sleep for your little one. So what to have in mind when choosing it?

Each parent should ensure his child the most comfortable and safe place to sleep. Apart from a bed and a mattress, you should also remember about a proper quilt. There are many models available on the market that differ in coverage material, filling or size.

Type of filling

The thing you should always pay attention to is the type of filling. It is important for practical as well as health reasons. The quilt should keep its original shape and be pleasantly soft. When it comes to health issues, the safest is antiallergic filling. It will be an ideal solution for allergy sufferers as well as completely healthy children, because it does not cause any irritation and permeates the air, guaranteeing adequate ventilation. A great option is antiallergic silicone filling which provides warmth while allowing the skin to breathe so that the child will not sweat while sleeping. The duvet with this filling can be washed without any worries, as it will not change its shape.

Quilt cover

The cover of children’s quilts is also very important. It is definitely best to choose a cover made of 100% natural cotton. It is distinguished not only by its beautiful appearance and softness but it is also non-sensitizing, hygienic and prevents excessive sweating.

The right size

The size of the quilt, which should be adapted to the needs and age of the child, is also important. The duvet should cover the child thoroughly but it can not be too big. For a baby, a sufficient size will be 65×75 cm, while for a slightly older child 80×100 cm.

Bedding set – a duvet with a pillow

When buying a duvet, it is worth considering to choose a set – a quilt with a pillow. The set will be a perfect whole and will be beautifully presented in a child’s bed.

Remember, however, that the baby cushion should also meet certain criteria. What? First of all, it must be flat. It can not lead to unnatural neck bending. Too high pillows are dangerous for babies because the baby’s head is too close to the chest and blocks the airways.

As in the case of a quilt, we recommend that the pillow should be hypoallergenic, made of a high-quality material, nice to the touch and providing ventilation. It should also be small – only a baby’s head, without arms, should be placed on it. The optimal size for a baby is 20×30 cm.

At funwithmum.com you will find perfect quilts and sets with pillows, which are functional and also distinguished by a huge aesthetics. Their different colors on both sides make it possible to change the design of the bed and at the same time arrange the room.

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