A safe sleep for a child – what kind of pillow to choose?

A safe sleep for a child – what kind of pillow to choose?

Each parent should ensure their child the most comfortable conditions for sleep and rest. A properly selected pillow will make the sleep will be safe and the toddler will wake up rested and full of energy.

Many young parents are wondering what kind of pillow should they choose for their child. No wonder – there are many types of pillows on the market, differing in their shape, size, coverage or type of filling. We advise what to look for when choosing.

The right shape and size of the pillow

The pillow should ensure a stable and natural body position during sleep so that it does not pose a risk of postural defects. Child’s pillow is significantly different from that intended for an adult. What should it characterize? The most important thing is that it should be flat, suitably soft and not too big – only then it will be comfortable and safe. Too high pillow can contribute to a curvature of the spine, and the baby may even be life-threatening! The head that lies on the pillow may slip off and stay in unnatural position, blocking the airways. The size of the pillow must be appropriately matched to the age of your child. The optimal size for a little baby is 30 or 40 cm wide. It should be remembered that only the baby’s head, without arms, should lie on the surface of the pillow.

Antiallergic filling and covering

What is also important is the type of filling of the child’s pillow which ensures breathability. When buying a pillow both for a baby and an older child, we recommend avoiding feathers and down, as they often cause allergies. Moreover, the pillows with this filling are too soft for the child. So let’s choose a silicone and anti-allergy filling. It is durable, it retains its shape for a long time and is not sensitized. When it comes to pillow cover, it should be made of high quality, certified, hypoallergenic and elastic materials, such as 100% cotton.

What else is worth remembering?

A small child cannot sleep on more than one pillow, and the bed should not have a large number of plush toys. You cannot forget about the frequent washing of the pillows. Fun with Mum has in its offer pillows made of high-quality materials, so you can wash them without worrying about changing their shape.

Remember that the pillow has a huge impact on the health and development of the child. While in the first months of life of your baby’s life it is not so indispensable element, then at a later time it is necessary to buy the child a comfortable pillow to ensure a peaceful, comfortable sleep.

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