How to convince a child to sleep in its own room?

How to convince a child to sleep in its own room?

Children like to sleep with their parents because they feel safe there. However, what can you do if your child has already become accustomed to spending the night in its parents’ bedroom and when it does not want to sleep in its own bed? The first step is to properly arrange the child’s sleeping space – a bed should be as cozy as possible.

Small children sleep quite often with their parents and it may be a convenient solution at first, but with time, when the child grows up, it becomes a real problem. If your child can not sleep in its own bed or wakes up every night and comes to your bedroom it is a sign that you need to change its habits.

Take care of a nice scenery

A child should feel safe and cozy in its room not only during the day but also at night. An important roleplay here by a child’s bed and its equipment. It is necessary to take care of colorful, soft, warm, pleasant to the touch quilt and pillow which will help to ensure a child a comfortable and restful sleep. It is also worth to decorate a bed with colorful decorative pillows, eg in the shape of stars or clouds, thanks to which the sleeping place will become more aesthetic and cozy. A great accessory for a child’s bed will also be a soft Minky fleece blanket in your child’s favorite color. It can be used as a bedcover or as a quilt.

Of course, you will also need a favorite cuddly or a small pillow that will always accompany your baby during sleep and provide a sense of security. On our site you can find a charming Mouse pillow and Dolphin pillow.

A night lamp placed on the table or cupboard next to a bed will also help your child to fall asleep. A gentle light will create a unique atmosphere and make the room more charming and cozy when darkness falls. It will also enable parents to read bedtime stories which can be a perfect evening ritual, helping the child to fall asleep.

Above the crib is worth to hang colorful elements, such as decorative garlands. The most important thing is that the sleeping space would look like a fairytale land and be designed according to the child’s taste.

Make changes gradually, not suddenly

What else is worth remembering – apart from a cozy arrangement? It is best if you teach your toddler to sleep in its room from the very beginning. However, if it was different in your case – nothing is lost. It is obvious that a kid used to sleep with parents will initially protest. The older the child, the harder it is to unlearn it from his habits. However, you have to be patient and have a proper, understanding attitude. First, it’s worth getting to know the specific reason why the child does not want to sleep alone. Perhaps it is afraid of the shadows of toys on the wall or other nocturnal “monsters”. So try to explain everything to it, calmly and gradually helping it to fight its fears, not forbidding it from day to day. In the evening, sit on your child’s bed and stay until your toddler falls asleep.

You can also set an evening ritual, that is, activities that will take place in the same order every evening – bathing, hugs, stroking, reading fairy tales, stories, etc. The child will then get used to the new daily routine. In addition, show that sleeping in your own bed has its advantages and can be a great fun.

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